Adsota’s events are organized with the purpose of sharing knowledge, connecting mobile and ads players, as well as adding more value to mobile and ads community.



Hanoi, Vietnam

Workshop #8: User Life-time Value - Make a loyal friend out of your users

Với chủ đề User Life-time Value - Make a loyal friend out of your users, cùng sự góp mặt của các chuyên gia tên tuổi, giàu kinh nghiệm, chương trình đi sâu vào các khía cạnh của LTV, đem đến cái nhìn cụ thể về các mô hình phổ biến hiện tại, những phương hướng hiệu quả để áp dụng chúng vào các chiến lược marketing cho ứng dụng di động.


Hanoi, Vietnam

Workshop #7: Building Right User Acquisition Strategies for 2018

What should mobile app developers, mobile marketers do to drive more downloads, acquire more users in 2018? Let's find out at Adsota Workshop #7, participated by Google experts and CEO of Umbala Vietnam as guest speakers.


Bangkok, Thailand

Workshop [Bangkok]: Building App for Global Audiences

"Building App For Global Audience" workshop is organized by AppotaX, the Strategic Partner of Google for Google Ad Exchange, with the support and participation of Google SEA and GDG Thailand. Our objective is to deliver valuable knowledge for app developers and publishers on Mobile Globalization Strategy, which we hope, can help you reach global audiences and drive superior monetization with high revenue not only from domestic but also international market.


Hanoi, Vietnam

AppotaX Year End Party

Special event for AppotaX's premium publisher clients to express AppotaX Team's appreciation and celebrate a sucessful year of partnership.

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