General information

Sendo is a shopping application developed by FPT Online Services Joint Stock Company (FPT Online) to help connect consumers and sellers across Vietnam. Thanks to a different development model, Sendo became one of the two e-commerce platforms with the largest traffic in Vietnam in 2019. In August 2019, Sendo launched the SenLive feature, which helped facilitate more interaction between sellers and users on the platform


Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, Sendo wanted to increase young consumers' awareness of SenLive whilst simultaneously increasing the number of SenLive visitors

The creative idea

"Half price super sale - Streamers compete for promotion" Campaign

Main activities

  • Collaborated with prominent streamers such as Ngan Assassin, Nam Blue, Misthy to produce content
  • Built a community of young consumers on Sendo
  • Leveraged advertising channels and collect user information


    The "Half price super sale - Streamers compete for promotion" Campaign has achieved:
  • Over 10,000,000 impressions
  • Over 800,000 views
  • Over 20,000 shares